47. Is India's expenditure on hi-tech areas justified from the social and economic point of view?

48. It is high time we drastically cut our defence spending.

49. Should urban transportation be subsidised for the public?

50. Will India be able to compete in foreign markets?

51. Economists have only hindsight, and no foresight.

52. India must shift its priorities from rural to urban areas.

53. India as you visualise it in the year 2010.

54. Smaller states lead to better administration.

55. The finance minister has not done anything for the common man.

56. For the economic development of India, all sectors using outdated methods of production should be modernised.

57. Growth and modernisation of the country is more important than the removal of poverty.

58. Globalisation of the economy has made nationalism irrelevant.

59. India should place more emphasis on SSI and MSI for better employment.

60. Abolishing child labour would mitigate the unemployment problem.

61. Should the primitive handloom sector be scrapped?

62. Price rise is necessary for healthy growth of economy.

63. Full convertibility is the need of the hour.

64. The fruits of economic policy can be reaped only if there is a strong political system.

65. Sustained growth is a mere slogan.

66. Poverty removal is a precondition for economic growth.

67. In the long run, the current economic policies will lead to MNCs dominating the Indian economy and society.

68. Growing consumerism is an indicator of the nation's economic prosperity.

69. Equality and efficiency cannot go together.

70. Indian Economy cannot afford to have a populist budget.

71. India should have an open sky policy.

72. Liberalisation is just colonisation in another garb.

73. The enthusiasm of environmentalists is causing a hurdle to India's development.

74. India's heritage is a hindrance to its progress.

75. Since India produces most of the things it needs, is it necessary to go for globalisation?

76. Economic Liberalisation - a critical assessment.

77. Public sectors are a drain on our society and should be privatised.

78. The more you gain the more you pay.

79. Privatisation of essential services is the only way to development.

80. Invasion of MNC's is a drain on the resources of India.

81. Is unified licensing the death knell for landing telephony?

82. India should place more importance on agricultural development, rather than industrial.

83. Economic reforms are incomplete without political reforms.

84. Economic liberalisation increases the gap between the rich and poor.

85. India needs more bullock carts than motorcars.

86. The arrival of multinationals is harming the Indian industry, specially the small-scale sector.

87. The era of economic colonialism has begun.

88. Unemployment in India.

89. Multinationals often hurt a country like India.

90. Public sectors are a drain on our society and should be privatised.

91. Indian industry should be protected from foreign competition.

92. Foreign competition unfair when responsible for death of domestic players.

93. Environmental concerns shouldn't come in the way of economic growth.

94. Rural India need electricity before education.

95. Insurance privatisation - advantages. How is it helping infrastructure development?

96. Family run businesses are the backbone of the Indian economy.

97. Freedom is better than liberalisation.

S.Ganesh,MBA, Phd

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