1. Knowledge of Advanced Maths is of no use to human life.

2. Role of AICTE in MBA Education.

3. Should Engineers be banned from going abroad after engineering?

4. TV as a means of education for students.

5. Is schooling a responsibility of the state?

6. Only IITs produce good engineers.

7. Brain Drain is good for the country.

8. Astrology vs. Science.

9. Irrational beliefs vs. scientific beliefs.

10. Practical knowledge vs. Theoretical knowledge.

11. Education in India is elitist in nature.

12. Non-engineers make better managers.

13. Should doctors and engineers be allowed to leave the country?

14. Should students participate in politics?

15. College education in the country today: problems and prospects.

16. Access to higher education should be restricted.

17. Fees for attaining a B.E or B.Tech degree should not be subsidised since most of the better engineers prefer to go abroad or change their fields.

18. Indian scientists have failed.

19. The government should take a stern stand against Brain Drain.

20. Indian scientists and technologists are not up to the expectations.

21. All higher education in India should be privatised.

22. Post-graduate education should be self-financed.

23. Management education is an unnecessary luxury that a poor country like India cannot afford.

24. Standardisation of textbooks is the best tool for national integration.

25. All doctors, engineers and management students should have compulsory two-year national service requirement.

26. Elite institutes like IITs and IIMs should be privatised.

27. Economic progress is more important than social equity.

28. English alone should be used for higher education and administration.

29. India can ill afford higher education.

30. India needs more IITs than ITIs.

31. The government cannot afford to subsidise higher education in the country anymore.

32. We can do without English for now and the foreseeable future.

33. Science has made us less civilised than what we were, we are, and what we ought to be.

34. Privatisation of higher education is essential for the development of India.

35. Common entrance test for all MBA institutes will damage IIM branding.

36. Contemporary education policies should favour technical education instead of management education.

37. Private engineering colleges should be banned.

38. Higher education should be subsidised.

39. Does the IAS have a limited career life with the liberalisation of the economy?

40. The government should stop funding IITs and IIMs and instead provide more funds to primary education.

41. Education and not entertainment is the purpose of the media in India.

42. Should education be privatised?

43. Children without education are a curse to humanity.

44. Public investment in institutes like IIMs - justifiable or not?

45. The present education system perpetuates inequality.

46. Individuals from private institutions are better educated.

S.Ganesh,MBA, Phd

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