1. Relevance of Arts in Modern Society.

2. Should freedom of speech take precedence over national security?

3. Hindi should be used as a language for national integration

4. AIDS test should be made compulsory.

5. Is population a boon?

6. Corruption in India.

7. Non-aligned movement.

8. Premarital sex.

9. Should censorship be banned?

10. Education System in India.

11. Role of English as a medium of communication in India.

12. Equality of sexes.

13. Should women be offered reservation in the Parliament?

14. Should the 'Caveat Emptor' principle be applicable to the candidates applying for jobs in a company?

15. The next generation is a generation of rebels.

16. Indians are socially irresponsible people.

17. No sex please: we are Indians.

18. There can never be a classless society.

19. Should only the literate people have a right to vote?

20. Can India still boast about being a secular country?

21. Should a ban be imposed on girls wearing jeans and shorts?

22. Advertising - a boon or a curse for the consumers?

23. An Indian woman - a better homemaker or a better businesswoman?

24. Does the statement "Unity in diversity" make any sense in today's India?

25. Does the Star Movies channel have an adverse impact on its viewers?

26. Has western music invaded our culture?

27. The demand for foreign brands has taken over the demand for our home brands.

28. Today India needs a cultural revolution and not a technological one.

29. Will mythological serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata help to bring about a Cultural Revolution?

30. The censor department has become too liberal these days.

31. Advertising creates demand for products.

32. Leaders are born and not made.

33. Vada pao vs. McDonalds Burger.

34. Internet access should be made free in India.

35. Should population be controlled by force in India?

36. Is milk good for health?

37. Violence is a prerequisite for social and economic change.

38. TV and radio functioning should be autonomous.

39. Should English be the national language of India?

40. Population - an asset or a liability?

41. Poverty alleviation programs in India are a success.

42. Should TV be educative or entertaining?

43. Should an emergency be imposed to discipline the Indian citizen?

44. Communalism is a problem of the educated.

45. The unemployment problem - possible, preferable, probable solutions.

46. An autonomous Doordarshan is alien to our culture.

47. Appreciation of one's culture can only come about by reading literature in one's mother tongue.

48. Has religion any place in modern day society?

49. Measures to control the drug menace.

50. Is advertising a waste?

S.Ganesh,MBA, Phd

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