1. The internet is for the benefit of the Indian middle class

2. Is the internet good for us?

3. Effect of information dissemination due to IT in the print media.

4. India needs high technology.

5. Technology advancements and India's backwardness.

6. Computers: boon or curse?

7. Computers as a support in decision-making.

8. Will computerisation make a robot of all human beings? Do computers dehumanise society?

9. For further development of the country, technology should give way to fine arts.

10. 'Appropriate Technology' - what is appropriate for India?

11. Should India opt for indigenous technology or import of technology?

12. How far can computers replace human intelligence?

13. Computerisation in India may lead to labour unrest.

14. Technological growth is more important than social cohesion for the advancement of a nation.

15. India needs microchips, not potato chips.

16. The electronic media will, in future, render the print media obsolete.

17. Computers cause unemployment.

18. India does not need foreign technology.

19. Impact of Information Technology on India.

20. Impact of computers on business.

21. Excessive computerisation is stealing jobs from people.

22. Is the IT sector drawing away investment from the rural sector?

23. Importance of e-commerce.

24. The education system in India has replaced knowledge by information.

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