101. Beauty contests do not fit into Indian culture.

102. Khadi is better than Denim.

103. Religion is a unifying force for society.

104. The future of family planning policies in India - which way should we go?

105. Caste based reservations are not the best way of helping the backward class.

106. Adult franchise should be restricted to the literate.

107. Nations will be irrelevant in the 2lst century.

108. Terrorism is like a virus - very easy to spread, very difficult to contain.

109. The Indian middle-class lacks conviction.

110. Religious or cultural - any form of fundamentalism is always good.

111. Religion is personal and should not be allowed to be exploited by political parties.

112. India is heaven for criminals.

113. For a boy the minimum age for marriage is 21years, while for voting it is 18 years, isn't it?

114. Euthanasia should be legally permitted.

115. Beauty contests are a method of women's liberation.

116. Television - an idiot box or knowledge provider?

117. One world, one family.

118. Satellite TV is dangerous for Indian youth.

119. Plight of women in India.

120. Are we producing a generation of burnt out children?

121. Is honesty the best policy for the ordinary citizens of this country?

122. Are Hindi films a bad influence on Indian society?

123. Religious structures on public land should be demolished.

124. The higher the taxes, the more people are empowered not to pay them.

125. More the power, greater the need for restraint.

126. Women should aspire for a better voice and not for 33 percent reservation.

127. Indian culture is an impediment to effective management.

128. There should be 33 percent reservation for women in India in all spheres of life.

129. National Integration in a multi-ethnic society like India is a myth.

130. Developed countries are damaging the eco-system of the earth.

131. India has such a large brain pool and good entrepreneurial communities like Marwaris and Gujaratis, but it is not developing at a fast rate, why?

132. We have exchanged our golden heritage for a pair of blue jeans.

133. Human rights in India.

134. Globalisation will tend to destroy the sovereignty of the country.

135. Population growth is a boon for India.

136. India needs more Seshans and Khairnars.

137. The social responsibility of business is to increase profits.

138. A stable Government is not necessary for a stable society.

139. Religious fundamentalism is more dangerous than regionalism.

140. The USA is going too far.

141. Indian values and beliefs are contrary to current management practices.

142. Modern mass media like TV and Internet have reduced our `real' social interactions.

143. Do films need to be censored?

144. The Y2K generation is moving from we to I.

145. In order to satisfy one section of the society, the state has to sacrifice the interests of another.

146. The government should license only a few to think because more the thinkers more the chaos.

147. The inroads of satellite communication have eroded Indian tradition and culture.

148. The launch of multinationals in India will wipe out the Indian brands.

149. In India more emphasis should be given to quality than quantity.

150. T.V. and Cinema have more evil effects than beneficial ones.

151. Should foreign companies be allowed in the print media?

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