26. Are MBAs overpaid?

27. Management education is a waste of money.

28. MBAs with engineering degrees are better than MBAs with non-engineering degrees.

29. Should people with work experience or those who are fresh graduates be taken into MBA?

30. Relevance of MBA Education to the welfare of the society.

31. Should it be made compulsory for IIM graduates to serve in the public sector?

32. Engineers doing management is a waste of national wealth.

33. People with arts background make better mangers than those with engineering backgrounds.

34. Management education is a luxury for a poor country like India.

35. Only mediocre students opt for management.

36. Management education should make jobseekers job creators.

37. Does a person with work experience and maturity benefit more from management education?

38. Should engineers apply for management programmes?

39. Management education can be cut down to one year.

40. Should all forms of reservations for admissions to management schools be abolished?

41. No one studies for an M.B.A. Everyone studies for a job. Management education should not be subsidised.

42. MBAs are cultural misfits in India.

43. The current craze for management education in India can simply be attributed to the fact that it promises lucrative jobs.

44. For entrepreneurship, MBA is not necessary.

45. Group Discussion is absolutely required for the selection to an MBA course.

46. Will the mushrooming of MBA institutes in India produce professional managers?

47. Proliferation of management institutes is good for Indian industry.

48. Students are opting for MBA nowadays because of the higher pay packet.

49. Management graduates are more interested in salaries than management.

50. Increasing MBA Schools are diluting MBA education.

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